What is biothane?

BioThane is made up of polyester webbing coated with PVC (a rubber-like feel). This makes it waterproof, odour and mildew resistant. The strength of the material is very strong and the lowest grade alone can withstand over 500 lbs. It comes in multiple colours and widths for plenty of custom design options.

How long will my order take

We ship worldwide! Canada and US usually takes about 5 business days, although can vary depending on customs. Overseas may take up to 2 weeks depending on shipment options. Processing time is on top of shipping time and can add up to an additional 2 weeks.

Can I pick up in Calgary?

If you live in or around Calgary and would like to pick up your order instead of paying for shipping, no problem! You can use the promo code CALGARY and we will make arrangements to do so.

How to clean your biothane products

All you need is warm water and a little dish soap! If grime is built up use a toothbrush or a scrubby pad. Any smelly odours... you can just add a little vinegar to the mix. .
*After any use in water or after cleaning, make sure you dry everything off to help prolong longevity.

How do I measure my dog(s) neck?

In all of our listings, you will find a diagram that shows you certain points to measure on your dog’s neck before choosing a size. We recommend picking a size that gives your dog a little wiggle room in case their size changes at all. For a growing puppy definitely go with a bigger size. Your dog's current size will be the smallest fit (ex. if their neck is 10" pick the 10"- 14" size). For full grown dogs, picking near the middle is a safe choice. (ex. if their neck is 15" pick around the 13" - 17" size).