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Let's start and get your puppy on the right track right away! This program will help you build a confident puppy who is ready to take on life adventures with you. Puppy Power is suitable for any dogs 2-5 months. 

Through these sessions you and your puppy will learn:

  • Obedience skills such as: sit, down, stay, place, recall, and more!
  • Help with jumping, mouthing, and loose leash walking
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Enrichment
  • Socialization and proper introductions
  • Handling and introducing tools/equipment 

Program will also be customized to you depending on your needs.

What is include:

  • 20 minute video consultation for introductions and discuss goals
  • 3 OR 6 private training sessions (each session is an 40 minutes)
  • follow-up email each session
  • on going support via email up to a month after last session
  • PDF Puppy Power booklet
  • Biothane long-line & graduation certificate